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Call Kmart at the toll free phone number of 866-562-7848 for locations, special offers and sales.

Kmart Phone Number

A toll free phone number for Kmart is 866-562-7848.

Simply call the toll free phone number of 866-562-7848 to get quotes for products from Kmart and order over the phone if you like. Kmart is renown for it’s excellent customer service and low prices. You can use the customer service sales number above to handle all of your important needs when ordering goods for home delivery or when required to ask additional information about products. In as much you can also call the toll free phone number above for Kmart to ask about their return policies or store locations and hours for that matter. Kmart has been a favorite for American consumers for many decades and for many folks their one stop shopping resource for both brick and mortar and online purchases. You can call the toll free phone number noted above for Kmart anytime 24/7 and speak directly to a friendly Kmart associate who will gladly help you with your needs. Call and ask about current specials and promotions as well. 24/7 Kmart is there to help you with your shopping needs.